Monday, December 12, 2011

Matar Panner with a Peanut Gravy

Winter, the season of vegetables is back. I love this season because my favorite vegetables is found in the market. :) (Cauliflower, green peas, carrot, red tomatoes etc...) Well I don't like dairy products more except curd. And Panner(cottage cheese) I don't like. But my husband just love it. So, planned to have some thing which will suit we both @ our dinner, combined green peas and cottage cheese with a peanut touch to it. :)

Matar Panner with a Peanut Gravy from my kitchen


1 cup – Green peas (shelled)             

50 gm – Paneer (sliced)

2 no.s – Onion (large chopped)

2 tbsp – Garlic (paste)

2 tbsp – Ginger (paste)

3 no.s – Green Chilli

1 no.s – Red Chilli (dry & its optional )

2 no.s – Tomato (puree)

½ cup – Roasted Peanut

4-5 tsp - Oil

1 tsp – Turmeric Powder

1 tsp – Red Chilli Powder

1&1/2 tsp – Coriander Powder

1&1/2 tsp – Cumin Powder

Salt – for taste

Water – as per requirement of the gravy

Oil – for frying paneer


  1. Heat 2 tsp of vegetable oil in a kadai and put the chopped onion to it.
  2. Cook the onion till its golden brown.
  3. Remove from the kadai, keep it aside and let it cool.
  4. Bring to a paste along with the roasted peanuts once cooled.
  5. In the same kadai put 3 tsp of oil and put the mixture ( garlic paste, ginger paste, green chilli paste and red chilli paste).
  6. Cook till the raw smell goes away.
  7. Now add the freshly prepared tomato puree and cook till the oil leaves.
  8. Now add the green peas, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and salt.
  9. Mix it properly.
  10. Now add the onion-peanut paste to the peas, adjust the water and cook for 8-10 minutes in a lower flame.
  11. Meanwhile fry the paneer in oil. (just to have a golden color)
  12. After the peas get tender add the paneer and cook for more 2-3 minutes at a lower flame.
  13. Once cooked serve hot with Phulkas, Roti, Nan, Kulcha, etc... :)

from my kitchen

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cake with Cinnamon Streusel Topping

This whole week I attended a Christmas Special Baking classes by Mrs. Usha Narayan.  I am so thank full to her for conducting this classes. Being an amateur cook I'm learning every day from my kitchen :), this quick class helped me to get some tips and tricks to be followed. 

So this cake is one from her classes which I baked (with lil-bit of changes) and it came out so good to be shared :). This cake has three different things to be done, the streusel topping, the filling, and the cake batter itself.

Christmas Delicacy From My Kitchen

(for streusel topping) 

1/2 cup - Oats
1/2 cup - cashew (can be replaced with any nuts)
3/4 cup - Sugar 
2 tsp - Cinnamon Powder
100 gms - Unsalted Butter (ghee can be used instead)
(for filling)

3/4  cup - Brown Sugar
2 tsp - Cocoa Powder

(for cake) 

1&1/2 cup - Castor Sugar 
2 cup - Atta/Maida
2&1/2 tsp - Baking Powder
3/4 cup - Butter (@ room temperature)
3 - eggs
1 tsp - Vanilla Essence
1 cup - Milk
3/4 cup - curd
1 tsp - Unsalted butter/ ghee for greasing


(for toping) 
  • coarsely grind the Oats, Cashew, and Sugar.
  • Melt the butter over a thick bottomed pan.
  • Once the butter melts switch off the flame and add the coarsely powered prepared.
  • Leave it to cool.
(for filling)
  • Mix the brown sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl and keep aside.
NOTE:  If you love more cinnamon can replace coco with I:I ratio is coco and cinnamon.

(for cake)
  • Beat the Butter and Sugar, add a tsp of atta to avoid curdling. 
  • Add eggs one by one and mix it.
  • Add half the dry mixture (atta+baking powder) and bring it together.
  • Now add the rest dry mixture.
  • Slowly add the liquid mixture ( milk+curd+vanilla essence) and mix it.
NOTE: Donot over mix once the flour is inside the batter.

(assembling the cake to bake)
  • Preheat the oven at 220 °C.
  • Grease the baking vessel and pour half the batter into it.
  • Sprinkle the filling mixture into it and flatten it with a knife.
  • Now pour the rest of batter.
  • Sprinkle the topping at the top most layer.
  • Bake it for 65-70 minutes at 180 °C at the lower rack. 

"Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year"

from my kitchen

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pudina Lime

Pudina(MINT) is said to be the best medicine for stomach problems. Pudina can be used in various forms. I normally prepare pudina paranta, pudina chutney and I learned Pudina Rice from my mother-in-law (soon to publish once I prepare it :D ) and Pudina Lime from my sis-in-law {Jyoti-} Today I would like to share Pudina Lime, one of the best coolant during Summer and very refreshing... must try Coolant.
Pudina Lime From My Kitchen

1 bunch Pudina 
10-12 tbsp Sugar (honey can be used instead of Sugar)
Water (Chilled preferably)

Grind Pudina along with sugar with some water. Now add the rest water as per your requirement and serve. (You can separate with the help of separator if you like)
from my kitchen

Friday, October 14, 2011

A new look & taste to the old Oats porridge .... "OATS DOSA"

I love eating Oats Porridge where as my husband never likes it so last time I prepared Muffins using oats. 3-4 days before one of my friend shared Oats Dosa in her blog, and yesterday I prepared it & must say a new taste and look of oats... PS:my husband liked it.. I hope my readers will also like it. Its easy, quick and healthy ... "A MUST TRY RECIPE"

Oats Dosa From my Kitchen

Oats 1 cup
Curd (preferably sour) 6 tbsp
salt for taste
baking powder 1/2 tbsp
water for maintaining the consistency

Mix all the ingredients and add water to make a good consistency and  leave it for 2-3 minutes. Put the batter as you prepare dosa and put some oil Once done have it with tomato ketchup... Its Yummmm.... :)

from my kitchen

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banana-Oats Muffins.

Passion to my baking and cooking started after my marriage...thanks to my JeeT(my sw2) who always encourage me to do some thing new at kitchen....:) today I have baked something new with ripe banana and oats...

Banana-Oats Muffins by Surabhi
2 eggs
1 cup self raising flour
75 gms Castor sugar
1/2 cup refined oil
1 tbsp Baking Powder
2 ripe banana (grated)
7-8 Tbsp Oats 
Shift Maida and baking powder and keep aside. Whisk the eggs with sugar till sugar dissolves. Add oil into it and mix well. Now add grated banana and oats and mix well. Now slowly fold into the mixture of self raising flour and baking powder.
Preheat the oven to 160 C. Fill the muffin mold 3/4th of the mixture and sprinkle some oats at the top. Now bake it for 40 minutes @ 160 C. Once baked let it cool for 5-10 minutes... and enjoy the muffins... 

PS: It tastes better & yumm when it is hot. Try it and give comments to my post :)

from my kitchen

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bournville Choco Pops...

I saw this recipe from Bournville  official page in facebook. The other day I went to shop and got bournville both the flavours and almonds and prepared it in the evening... And when I showed it to my husband his first reaction was "WOW hmmmmmm.....". Trust me guys it's really tasty.... As Bournville advertisers say "You Have To Earn it....". The popcorn doesn't get soggy. I did some changes and experimented it as it is shown in the video... Try It - Taste It - & get me the feed back..... You can use it as a dessert, and I bet children's will love to take a bite of it...


Choco Pops by Surabhi
2 cup popcorn (plain, dont use the salted one it doesn't taste good.)
Half of 75 gms Bournville Dark Chocolate.
75 gms Bournville Almond Chocolate.
10 gms Cashew nut (chopped).
10 gms Raisins.
10 gms Almonds (chopped).


Break the chocolates into smaller pieces in a MWS, add Cashew Nuts, Raisins, Almonds and Microwave it for 2 minutes. Mix well with a spatula and add the Pop-Corn prepared before. Now make it small ball shape with the help of 2 Spoons and place it in the refrigerator to settle down. Once settled transfer it into a airtight container and place it in the refrigerator, Serve it to guests as a desert I wish they will like it... My guests liked it...:)

PS: You can store as many days you want.

from my kitchen

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chole with Puri

Puri along with chole is a deadly combination for my husband. I too like it :) A chickpeas is ZERO in FAT and high in energy its very healthy... Every cook has his own way of cooking the food. I have my unique way of cooking and I love it. I wish you should also try and give me fair comments on my recipe.

Chole: (for 2 persons)

Chickpea: 200 gms (chole soaked overnight) 
Onion: 2 medium
Cardamom: 3-4 (green elaichi) & 1-2( moti elaichi)
Mace: 1
Cinnamon: 1'' stick
chole by surabhi
Cloves: 4-5
Bay leaves: 1
Ginger paste: 1 tbsp
Garlic Paste: 1tbsp
Green Chilli: 3-4
Tomato : 2 chopped
Haldi: 2 tbsp
Red chilli powder: 2 tbsp
Chole masala: 2 tbsp
Oil: 5-6 tbsp


Soak the chickpeas overnight. Heat oil in a pressure cooker. Add bay leaves, and add the paste of (onion, garlic, ginger, green chilli, cardamom, Cinnamon, mace, cloves, peppercorn) sauté till it starts leaving oil. Now add fresh tomato pure and cook for2-3 mins. Add salt, haldi, red chilli powder, Chole masala along with the soaked chickpeas. Adjust water as required. Cook under pressure for six to eight whistles or until the chickpeas are completely done and tender. Garnish it with coriander leaf and serve it with hot puri.

from my kitchen

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am not a COOK actually, but I have a passion for cooking. I always try new dishes from various cuisines. Some times the end result is superb, yumm, awesome etc.. and some times yuk, chi..., OMG etc LOL....  

At last I planned and inaugurated the Blog "My Cook Book".  Its been a month I actually planned but due to many unforeseen reasons I couldn't update it. Motto of this blog is to share my experience at my kitchen (may be the worse or the best) with all my loving readers. Many of my near and dears initiated me for this work and I am happy that I am feeling good to do this. I hope I give my best in future posts.